5 Tips For Budget Friendly Travel in Kathmandu

5 Tips For Budget Friendly Travel in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is a well-appreciated destination for budget travelers. If not well-prepared, you might exceed your budget. But the budget doesn’t have to be an issue to make the best out of your trip. So, traveling to Kathmandu is not an impossible dream for budget-friendly travelers.

If you are also a budget traveler, here are 5 tips that you must consider while traveling in Kathmandu.

  1. Be On Foot As Much As You Can
  2. Take Local Buses To The Next Stop
  3. Eat At Local Eateries
  4. Show Up Your Bargaining Skills
  5. Stay At Hostels Instead Of Hotels

Be On Foot As Much As You Can

One of the best things to do while you are traveling cheaply in Kathmandu is to walk around as much as you can. Rather than taking a taxi from your stays to the nearby attractions, you could walk. This way, you could even enjoy the city lifestyle while walking through the alleys of the city. Do not forget to know the walking distance. If it's too far then you can always opt for public vehicles.

Take Local Buses To The Next Stop

The thing with local buses is that it takes you to the next stop at an extremely small amount of money. And the best part of it is that you can talk to the passengers and make some friends in the city. Nepalese are very friendly so they might be able to give you tips on the go too. Obviously, the bus will take you to your destination in quick time as compared to walking. This way, you can cover multiple attractions of Kathmandu within a day.

Eat At Local Eateries

When you are trying to stretch your back as far as it can get, you’ll have to pick your choices. One of them would be how you dine. You’d be saving yourself some money if you eat like a local. So, rather than eating at fancy restaurants, opt for eating in stalls, food carts, or shops of a smaller scale. You will be fueled plenty if you have a bowl of beans with flatbread, and a cup of tea if you’d like.

Show Up Your Bargaining Skills

Be ready to negotiate a first price. It is probable that you’d be given a discounted price on your room rate if you tried. Price of food in a restaurant, entrance fees in attractions, and bus fees might be non-negotiable but room rates might be more flexible, so do give it a try. Buying souvenirs will cost you more, but if you can squeeze it in, don’t forget to bargain there as well.

Stay At Hostels Instead Of Hotels

This is where you’ll find people just like you, trying to travel being budget-friendly. The prices in hostels are more affordable than a hotel room. Breakfast is included in your payment for the room, so it is not just reasonable, but also has an added benefit. You wouldn’t have to spend additionally to find food somewhere else.

If you apply these 5 tips, you will surely find Kathmandu as a Budget Friendly Destination. I’ll be sharing my travel experience in Kathmandu with only $10 soon.

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