8 Outdoor Activities To Do During Monsoon in Nepal

8 Outdoor Activities To Do During Monsoon in Nepal

In Nepal, monsoon season begins as soon as June hits and it reaches Mid-September. With monsoon comes the time when everyone wants to stay warm in their bed and just laze around. Monsoon is fun like that - getting cozy, drinking hot drinks, reading books, watching movies, redecorating rooms, sitting beside the window and enjoying the moment, and watching the rain pour.

Indoor activities can be fun. But in a picturesque country like Nepal, it doesn’t do justice if you only stay indoors. The real fun is outdoors, after either the rain has calmed down for the day, or when there is a little spritz of water still going on. We can assure you these tiny sprinkles of water cannot stop or pause the fun that Nepal has to offer in Monsoon. In rain or sunlight, Nepal has it all. So, try out these 8 outdoor activities during Monsoon in Nepal.

8 Outdoor Activities During Monsoon in Nepal

  • Go On A City Day Tour
  • Enjoy The Mountain Views
  • Observe The Greenery
  • Trek To Mustang Region
  • Hop Onto A Jungle Safari
  • Explore The Villages
  • Try Adventure Activities In Pokhara
  • Experience White River Rafting 

Go On A City Day Tour

After the pouring rain, a city day tour will give you a view of the city right in front of you. Walk to the top of Swayambhunath and see the city right below you in Kathmandu. Or you could find the city of lakes, Pokhara, and feel even more tranquil than usual after the rain has washed away the dullness and mist from nature. Or visit World Peace Pagoda of Lumbini which will obviously entice you.

After the pouring rain, a city day tour will feel even more tranquil than usual since the rain has washed away the dullness and mist from nature. So, in Nepal during monsoon season, you can walk to the top of Swayambhunath hill and view the cityscape of Kathmandu right below you. Or you could go on a walk on the Lakeside of Pokhara. Also the World Peace Pagoda visit of Lumbini will entice you. 

Enjoy The Mountain Views

In the city, the rain washes away the dullness of nature and in the mountains, it removes the clouds. So the sky looks clearer after the rain stops. Then the mountain view becomes even more surreal. You could visit the view towers in Nagarkot, Pokhara or Kathmandu to enjoy the view of mountains that Nepal offers in Monsoon.

Additionally, you can also watch the sunlight striking on these snow capped mountains which is an ethereal experience to witness in the morning, if the weather favours you.

Observe the greenery

We’ve talked about the snow-capped mountains already, so let us talk about the green luscious terrain as well. The green land looks a little shinier, with raindrops that haven’t yet dried up.

If greenery makes you feel at peace, come back after a rain down and see how much more it makes you feel. You could also find this in the land of Pokhara and Nagarkot. The greenery after the rain is just that peaceful to watch.

Trek To Mustang Region

Now hear us out first. No one suggests going on a trek in the monsoon season. Why have we mentioned trekking to Upper Mustang? Because the land topography isn’t slippery or slanted. On top of that, the rain shadows in your journey will double the fun while trekking in this region in Monsoon. That is why in Mustang and Jomsom, you can comfortably look around the vibrancy that this famous trekking destination offers.

Hop Onto A Jungle Safari

We have talked already about activities like city tour in the hilly region to trekking in the mountain region, now its time for a jungle safari in Terai region.

Monsoon doesn’t mean rainfall 24/7. So, little droplets of rain won’t cause much harm. But the best part about a jungle safari is that you don’t have to walk around. Consider Chitwan National Park, you can look around in a jeep safari or elephant safari. This is significantly an amazing experience because you can find a lodging area in the middle of the jungle where you can rest and stay overnight. From this home, you can enjoy bird watching and animal viewing.

Explore The Villages

When you make villages your final destination, you can take all the time to explore the rural landscape, the simple lifestyle, and the beauty of nature that the villages have to offer. You can go on a homestay tour in Doplo or Bandipur as well.

Since it is monsoon season, you will see firsthand the rice plantation process and how people rejoice in this season in Nepal.

Try Adventure Activities In Pokhara

As we’ve mentioned many times, the sky gets clearer after the rain, so seeing the mountain ranges and the calm lake right below you will make your jaw drop. So, hop on to paragliding, hot air ballooning, zip lining, ultra-flying, boating, cycling, or kayaking to see the extra clear scenario right beneath you. If these activities make you feel like flying, then the clarity after the rain will make you feel as if you are soaring.

Experience White River Rafting

The rain increases the intensity of the roaring white rivers. If white river rafting minus the rainy season feels heart-pounding, then the experience will be doubled in the season. It is without a doubt that the rafting team will keep your safety and the environment's feasibility in mind. So, for the adventure seekers, this outdoor activity will spike the adrenaline up in Monsoon season in Nepal.

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