5 Best Hiking Places in Kathmandu

Make sure to get your feet on the hiking trails of these 5 places in Kathmandu for refreshment and enjoyment.

5 Best Hiking Places in Kathmandu

From early morning till the evening, Kathmandu has an immense visual delight to fuel your energy. The city has both adventure and serenity to offer when you are on foot, and when you want to make the most out of your time. One experience you need to bag is going on a hike in Kathmandu.

Out of the noise and the crowd of the city areas, hopping on to hiking trails for refreshment is one of the things to do in Kathmandu. You can manage a trip in even a day if you do not want to travel for more than that. So here are the 5 best hiking places in Kathmandu that will elevate your expectations and experience in the valley.

  • Shivapuri Hill
  • Nagarkot Hill
  • Champadevi Hill
  • Chandragiri Hill
  • Phulchowki Hill

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is the only national park located in the Kathmandu valley and it offers a lot of hiking trails for hiking lovers. On the way to the hike, you can even try adventure sports like cycling or rock climbing. 

From the peak of Shivapuri hill, the 180 degree view of snow capped mountains from east to west is just amazing. Not only the beautiful mountain peaks but the outlook of Kathmandu Valley also makes the journey worth it, so it is a must to go on a hike in Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park area.

Hiking Trails in Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Budhanilkantha - Shivapuri Peak via Bishnu Dwar

Starting Point: Budhanilkantha
Ending Point: Shivapuri Peak
Duration: about 4 hrs
Stops: Bishnu Dwar

Phulbari Gate - Jamacho Peak

Starting Point: Phulbari Gate
Ending Point: Phulbari Gate
Duration: 6 - 7 hrs (both way)
Stops: Jamacho Peak

Sundarijal - Chisapani

Starting Point: Sundarijal
Ending Point: Chisapani
Distance: 10.6 kms
Duration: 5 hrs 
Stops: Mulkhara, Burlang Bhanjyang

Budhanilkantha - Nagi Gumba

Starting Point: Budhanilkantha
Ending Point: Nagi Gumba
Distance: 7.4 kms 
Duration: about 2 hrs 

Nagarkot Hill

Nagarkot Hill stands beautifully on the eastern side of Kathmandu valley, at an elevation of 2195 meters. The hill is most popular for viewing the sunrise and the mountain view.

When the sun rays fall onto the 8 Himalayan ranges including Mt. Everest, you will be witnessing heaven right in front of your eyesight. That is why Nagarkot Hill is one of the best hiking places around Kathmandu.

Hiking Trails in Nagarkot

Sankhu – Nagarkot Hill

Starting Point: Sankhu
Ending Point: Nagarkot
Distance: 10.9 kms
Duration: about 3 hrs 

Chisapani - Nagarkot Hill

Starting Point: Chisapani
Ending Point: Nagarkot Hill
Distance: about 20 kms 
Duration: about 5 - 6 hrs 
Stops: Jarsing Pauwa, Kartike Bhanjyang

Nagarkot - Changunarayan Temple

Starting Point: Nagarkot
Ending Point: Changu Narayan Temple
Distance: 8.3 kms 
Duration: almost 2 hrs 
Stops: Nagarkot View Tower

Chandragiri Hill

Chandragiri Hill has quickly become one of the most visited attractions in Kathmandu. So, the hill has become a popular place to go on a hike as well. It is at an elevation of 2475 meters from sea level and is the second highest hill of the Kathmandu valley.

From the top, it offers the greens of the hills and whites of the Himalayan view. You can reach the top via a cable car which is an exciting journey but walking below the cable car is even more memorable and full of excitement.

Hiking Trails in Chandragiri

Thankot - Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple

Starting Point: Chandragiri Cable Station Base
Ending Point: Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple (Chandragiri Hill Top)
Distance: 7.2 kms 
Duration:  about 2.5 - 3 hrs 

Machhegaun - Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple

Starting Point: Machhegaun
Ending Point: Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple (Chandragiri Hill Top)
Distance: 14.6 kms 
Duration: 4 - 5 hrs 

Champadevi Hill

Champadevi Hill lies in the southern side of Kathmandu Valley. It is the third-highest hill in Kathmandu Valley, with a height of 2278 meters. The view of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur districts lie ahead from the top of Champadevi temple, as well as the mesmerizing view of mountains.

Since Champadevi hill gives a view of nature and the cities, minus the hustle and bustle of the city life, this hill is one of the best hiking places in Kathmandu. It also has significantly shorter hiking trails, so it won’t take too much of your time.

Hiking Trails in Champadevi Hill

Hattiban – Champadevi Hill

Starting Point: Hattiban base
Ending Point: Champadevi 
Distance: about 7 kms
Duration: about 2 hrs
Stops: Hattiban

Machhegaun – Champadevi Hill

Starting Point: Machhegaun
Ending Point: Champadevi Hill
Distance: about 16 kms
Duration: about 3 - 4 hrs

Phulchowki Hill

Phulchowki hill is the highest hill of kathmandu valley which translates to “Hill of Flowers”. In spring this hill is full of flowers, so you can expect to become close to nature. Also the starting point for the hiking to the hill is Godwari which is the botanical garden of Kathmandu. So hiking in Phulchowki is best for hikers who love flowers.

Being an immaculate place of nature, this hike won’t only showcase the vegetation of this area, but you will also see a variety of birds, not to mention the wonderful tropical forests, flowers, and mountains.

Hiking Trails in Chandragiri

Godawari - Phulchowki Hill

Starting Point: Godawari
Ending Point: Phulchowki Hill
Distance: 8.7 kms 
Duration: about 2 hrs 
Stops: Godawari Botanical Garden

Kathmandu Valley is the epitome of experiences crunched into however much time you have. Hiking your way into freshness and out of the uproar of the city areas will always revitalize you. So make sure to get your feet on these 5 hiking places in Kathmandu next time. Out of the busyness of the city and into the freshness of the hills.

While going on to these destinations, you can also make a checklist of to dos on a hike to make it more memorable.

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