5 Best Places To Visit in Nagarkot

From sunrise viewpoint to peaceful places, here are the 5 best places you shouldn’t miss out on your visit to Nagarkot.

5 Best Places To Visit in Nagarkot

Enjoying the magnificent view of the sunrise and the ethereal view of the mountain ranges are some of the famous things to do in Nagarkot. Apart from these activities, the small village has a lot in itself to offer you. So, we present the 5 best places to visit in Nagarkot.

  1. Nagarkot View Tower
  2. Nagarkot Buddhist Monastery
  3. Nagarkot Buddha Peace Park
  4. Bojini Dam
  5. Muhan Pokhari

Nagarkot View Tower

Most of the time, people visit Nagarkot to witness the beautiful sunrise from Nagarkot View Tower. This little open space is at an altitude of 2164 meters.

As dawn starts to break, the sunrise fills the morning sky above and the village down below. The sunrise gives way to the beautiful view of the eight Himalayan ranges. It would be best if you climb the top of the tower and look at this jaw-dropping view.

With this unforgettable experience, Nagarkot View Tower is at the top of the list of best places to visit in Nagarkot.

Nagarkot Buddhist Monastery

Nagarkot Buddhist Monastery lies a few steps ahead of Nagarkot View Tower. Since it is a monastery, you can expect worship rituals happening, in a Buddhist style. It is a greatly calming place, so the mornings and evenings especially will bring you peace as the day begins and as it starts to end. From the monastery, you can also have a stunning landscape view of the Bhaktapur city.

Nagarkot Buddha Peace Park

Nagarkot Buddha Peace Park is an incredibly peaceful place where you can see villages, farmlands in terraced scenarios, and a statue of Lord Buddha. There is a walking area up to an area to ignite flame right at the statue’s footsteps.

The place is filled with Buddhist flags which when coming in contact with the air, makes you feel at peace. This peace park is also for planting a tree in the memory of your loved ones. Your planted tree will remain under the park’s management team, so there is no need to worry about your loved ones’ memory.

Bojini Dam

Situated in Kalamasi just between pine forests, Bojini Dam is garnering more attention in recent days, especially from the locals. It is most famous for two activities - swimming and sightseeing. So, if people aren’t swimming in this dam, you’ll see people looking at the backdrop of Kathmandu valley, and the green luscious hills.

Bojini dam was built by the locals collectively to serve their irrigational necessities. So what started as a dam soon became a place to look at the wonderful scenario around it. So, Bojini Dam is an underrated but one of the best places to visit in Nagarkot.

Muhan Pokhari

Muhan Pokhari is a stream that lies in the center of the forest. This artificial stream was created to provide drinking water to the people of Bhaktapur. Watching Muhan Pokhari in the middle of the forest, crossing through the rocks makes you feel at peace. It looks amazing in monsoon because the quantity of water increases and so does the flow of the stream. Just by the looks of it, the waterfall looks adventurous, with its heavy stream of water flowing seeping through and above these stones.

Like everyone else, out of the best places to visit in Nagarkot, my best has to be the Nagarkot View Tower. The beautiful sunrise is stamped in my memory. It was a clear day, so I did see the eight Himalayan Ranges. At that moment, I understood why people from all over the world visit Nepal. And, why do people come to Nagarkot solely with the sunrise in mind? It is all worth it- the journey and the destination.

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