10 Best Things To Do on a Road Trip

It's always fun to go on a road trip with friends, it will be even more fun if you add a list of these 10 things to do for your trip.

10 Best Things To Do on a Road Trip

Road trips are mood fresheners. They take us away from our daily activities, into a sense of good change. That is why it is not only important, but it is also healthy for the soul. Travelers can relate to this, yet a job holder can feel it even more.

Travel becomes a getaway when you hop into your car, with friends, or by yourself, blast some music and let adventure take over. You let the day-to-day routine be for a while until you go back refreshed and ready to continue it again.

Now that you are feeling it, take note of the things that might make your journey memorable. Here are the 10 best things to do on a road trip to make the best of your getaway.

  • Document The Journey
  • Engage Yourself Listening
  • Munch On Some Snacks
  • Drive Alternately
  • Enjoy The Journey
  • Play Road Games
  • Verbal catch-up
  • Hop Onto A Picnic
  • Detour And Look Around
  • Plan About Your Next Trip

Document The Journey

Capture your journey in a vlog or photo. This would be a memory you can always go back to if you make vlogs of the road trip. You might forget details of the trip someday, but this documentation will remind you all about it.

Making journals as per your choice can be one of those aesthetical things to do on a road trip that also helps your creativity. But more than that, it will be an experience you’ll enjoy.

Engage Yourself Listening

A road trip is incomplete without a road-trip playlist. So, listen to the playlist that you have made for your journey. A road trip is fun already, and your favorite playlist or a curated playlist just for this trip will amp up the hype you’d feel. The next time you hear the song you played on your road trip, you can’t help but smile a little at the memory.

Also, you can listen to some audiobooks or podcasts of your kind if the road trip is too long. 'What an incredible way to take some knowledge on the road, literally.' Later on, you can talk about what you heard with your friends as well.

Munch On Some Snacks

What is a road trip without some snacks on the go? You might need to boost your energy, stay awake, or just feel like munching on to something. Hangry meltdowns aren’t fun, especially on a road trip.

Hearty food might be a mile away, so eating snacks is always better than not having anything at all. Also if you munch on some snacks, you don’t have to stop everywhere to fill your stomach.

Drive Alternately

This gives your friends a chance to drive but also lets you rest. It is more of a practical thing to do if you and your friends are on a long road trip. Since only one person cannot drive without feeling very tired.

Not just practical, it is also taking a fun turn on your journey to take the front seat.

Enjoy The Journey

What’s the point of a road trip?

To step away from the daily routine and enjoy the present. If you are done with vlogging, then keep the phone in your pocket and enjoy the scenery outside. Because being present in the moment, with music, food, friends and a lengthy lane in front of you will energize you to take on your next day.

Play Road Games

There are all sorts of road games that you and your buddies could play while on a road trip. Bingo, word games, and alphabet games will keep the energy up with your friends. These games feel more exciting when you are on the go and the road.

Games feel a notch better when the participants are all active and keep everyone entertained. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to consider playing road games as entertaining things to do on a road trip.

Verbal catch-up

Now that games and snacks are out of the way, you could talk the way to your destination. It's not just fun and games to have fun, but catching up on each other’s lives is also worth experiencing.

Especially when you are on the road, expression feels a little bit more intimate and memorable because we are used to meeting and sitting in one place to talk. This could be spice added to your regular catch up or the other way around.

Hop Onto A Picnic

One of the things to do on a road trip is to hop on to a picnic. A road trip is going to feel on a different level when you take some food and sit with your friends for a picnic. Camping also works.

Little things like sitting with your friends and talking while eating will not just fill your stomach, but also your soul. This is why so many people go with their friends and do the simplest of things together.

Detour And Look Around

You’ve hopped in for a picnic, so all that’s left to do is step out of your car and look around. If the streets have some spirit in them, so do the unexplored nooks and corners.

So, look around with your friends and take in the spirit of traveling. Take a moment to take in what the environment is giving you.

Plan About Your Next Trip

Now that all has been said and done, when you are going back home, plan your next trip on when you will do this all over again. Once you go on a road trip, you would have an idea of what you like and dislike and some unexpected happenings.

With the same friends, you can plan your next trip because one trip down only means one more trip to go. And planning the next road trip when you are at the end of your present trip is a fun thing to do. Give it a go before discarding the idea.

Road trips are fun when they take a while, but it is also fun if you want to go on a short road trip. Many destinations are suitable for short road trips from Kathmandu as well. You do need some preparation beforehand, especially in Nepal, so go through some of the tips to plan your perfect Nepal road trip.

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