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Lalitpur - The Town of Preserved Ancient Architecture

Lalitpur is a carrier of its ancient art and tradition with its built monuments, architecture and handmade handicrafts.

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Ilam - The Tea Garden of Nepal

Ilam is the home of organic tea gardens that have produced the most famous ‘Ilam Tea’ as well as green luscious terrains.

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Chitwan- The Zone of Fauna and Nature

Chitwan is a spectacular destination for the lover of nature which boasts Nepal’s natural ecosystem and well preserves it.

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Mustang - The Mountain Desert in Nepal

Land beyond the Himalayas, Mustang is an excellent destination to visit in Nepal, which offers a lot to travelers.

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Nagarkot - The Most Popular Getaway To The Morning...

Nagarkot is a breathtaking destination, most famous for the view of the morning sunrise on a clear day and the vastness of the Himalayan...

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Kathmandu - The Capital City of Nepal

Kathmandu is a hub of beauty, both naturally and culturally. Since Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, it is a center of both...

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