Why You Should Choose Nepal For Family Vacation?

Nepal has a diverse range of attractions, activities to do, and cuisines, which makes it a great destination for a family vacation.

Why You Should Choose Nepal For Family Vacation?

Do you get confused when picking a destination for a family trip? Going on a family vacation means looking at many possible interests. The good news is that Nepal can cater to it all. That is why you should choose Nepal for a family vacation.

There is an abundance of places, activities, and food in Nepal that makes Nepal an ideal family destination. Keep on reading to find out why Nepal won’t disappoint if you pick Nepal as your next family destination.

  • Budget friendly
  • Amusement for curious people
  • Blend of culture and religious following
  • A paradise for Adventure seekers
  • Presence of calm and serene nature
  • Nepali value of “Guest is God”
  • A long list of mouth-watering Nepali cuisine

Budget friendly

Nepal has space for many family activities and individual ones too. The budget you’d make before heading to Nepal with your family would suffice you. Nepal is budget friendly like that. Just make sure to optimize your budget so you feel like it is well spent with your best people.

Amusement for curious people

Vacation in Nepal is like discovering amusing experiences. From going on small hikes to seeing the sunrise in Nagarkot, to going boating in Pokhara, curiosity is met with satisfaction in Nepal. Even for the curious ones, be it an adult or children, the stillness on top of the lakes, amusement parks, or bat caves will catch your curiosity.

Blend of culture and religious following

In a country with 126 castes and ethnic groups speaking 123 languages, Nepal is a blend of all of these cultures. While you are on vacation in Nepal with your family, you will witness the harmony between so many religious followers respecting each other’s festivals. Wouldn’t that be a great family value to experience? For this reason, Nepal is an extraordinary family destination following unity in diversity.

A paradise for Adventure seekers

From the chill adventure of bike riding in Muktinath to the adrenaline spiking adventure of mountain climbing, Nepal is home to both. So, if a cool environment is your style of adventure, Thamel streets or Basantapur in the afternoon time can accompany you.

Or you could go to Gosaikunda Lake with your family and experience the purity that the holy lake represents. It is considered a religious site in Nepal, and it would give you a sense of adventure seeing the wide spread freshwater lake.

Presence of calm and serene nature

If Nepal is home to adventure, then we cannot miss out on calmness. And when it comes to calm and serene nature, Pokhara is a marvelous place for family vacations. There are ten of the most famous lakes to calm your senses. Also the breathtaking views of mountains will fill your heart with serenity.

Nepal’s beauty is worth every time you spend, which is why Nepal is a memorable family destination in Nepal.

Nepali value of “Guest is God”

There is a saying you’ll hear a lot in Nepal; “Atithi Devo Bhawa” which translates to “Guest is God”. It is Nepal where you will find Nepalese taking care of guests more than their own family. They keep their guests first. People are very friendly, so your family vacation feels as homely as it could.

A long list of mouth watering Nepali cuisine

From the infamous Dal, Bhat, Tarkari, and Achaar which is rice, lentils, vegetables, and pickles to Chatamari, which is considered the Nepali version of a mini pizza, Nepali cuisine will delight your taste buds. For all the foodies and dessert lovers out there, Bhaktapur is a must visit place. Stop by for a glass of “Juju Dhau” which is a literal translation of “King Curd”.

One day activity to introduce Nepali tradition

Since you’ve read so far about Nepal as an unforgettable family destination, you should try out a one day activity with your family. You could have a bonding time with your family and also experience the authenticity of Nepalese culture too. There are cooking classes to make Dal, Bhat and Momo (dumplings) in Kathmandu and Pokhara as well.

Multiple destinations are worth the travel with your family in Nepal. From east to west and north to south, there are so many family vacation destinations in Nepal for any time of experience you’d like to have.

Nepalese have a strong sense of family, so going on a family vacation here is only going to strengthen your bond as a family. Added to that, your family trip is going to bag all the experiences you could experience together as one.

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