11 Best Family Vacation Destinations in Nepal

Traveling is fun but it will be even more exciting and memorable if you travel with your family. Here are 11 best family vacation spots in Nepal.

11 Best Family Vacation Destinations in Nepal

The term that is often missed in this busy competitive world is “Family”. In the process of chasing dreams and providing for the family itself, people forget to make time for their families. But being a social being, we really need to spend time with our loved ones. The best way to do so is going on a family vacation.

If you are worried that you are losing grip over your family and feel like your children are growing too fast. Then it's the right time for you to pack your bags and go on a vacation with your family. In Nepal there are numerous attractive places that’s fit for the family. Also there are numerous things to do with your family.

Here are 11 best family vacation spots in Nepal;

  • Kathmandu Valley 
  • Pokhara
  • Sauraha
  • Daman
  • Mustang
  • Lumbini
  • Bardia National Park
  • Tansen, Palpa
  • Ilam
  • Dhulikhel

Kathmandu Valley 

Capital city of Nepal; Kathmandu is probably the most happening city in Nepal. It's a beautiful city with numerous world heritage sites, various important bird areas, countless ramsara sites, different short hiking trails and ancient palaces. Nothing about Kathmandu is ordinary. The people, their lifestyles, the huge number of festivals they celebrate and their unique food habits. The extraordinary cultural mix makes the city worth visiting.

Likewise, the historic city has hosted tourists for many years. It provides one of the most authentic hotel experiences in many medieval themed modern hotels. The city is the most advanced metropolitan city with 5 million people. Yet it remains as the most peaceful metropolitan city in Nepal. So, you can even walk into your hotel room at midnight and nothing bad will happen.

So, if you are interested in exploring the multi-color city along with your family, you should definitely visit Kathmandu.


Pokhara is undoubtedly a family vacation spot for numerous reasons. Firstly, it's a very peaceful and scenic site in western Nepal. The city has many attractions including ten lakes and beautiful mountain views. 

Likewise the city also offers various comfy hotels that serve all your family needs. You can visit bat cave, Mahendra Cave and Gupteshowr cave here. Along with that, it offers enough things to do for kids including boating, or even for swimming. There are various amusement parks and small hikes all around the city which are fit for your family vacation.

There’s no denying that Pokhara is one of the most popular places in Nepal. It also serves as a gateway to the Annapurna range. So, a valley tour in Pokhara can be one of the most relaxing and joyful experiences for your family. 


Despite being a small hill station situated 27.3 kilometers away from Kathmandu, Nagarkot offers numerous tourist attractions. It is one of the best cultural experiences near Kathmandu for you and your family. It is an ideal spot for a quick getaway from hustle and bustle city life. The environment here is super refreshing.

This village offers a quick retreat from the city where you can see Mount Everest and other Himalayan ranges. You can see eight out of thirteen Nepalese mountain massifs from Nagarkot. The place offers a perfect picnic spot, and is famous for sunrise. You and your family can take a cycle tour of the village, ride a horse or even hike to the beautiful Changunarayan Temple. Your kids will surely love the vibes.

Nagarkot has numerous stays and hotels you will have no trouble finding one. Likewise, four wheelers and city buses are easily available here, there’s zero hassle in getting to Nagarkot as well.

Sauraha - Family vacation in Chitwan National Park

The entire Chitwan National Park is accessible via Sauraha Camp. It's a small settlement on the flood basins of the Rapti and Narayani rivers and is known for its biodiversity. The presence of some of the world's rarest species roaming freely in their natural habitat make this place worth visiting. 

You can spot one-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, numerous antelopes, wild buffalos, and bulls while strolling through the jungle. Some beautiful birds like giant hornbills can be spotted in Chitwan National Park. Also there is an elephant breeding facility where the endemic asiatic elephants are protected. 

The place offers various activities that you and your family can join on. Chitwan National Park offers numerous resorts and hotels, you can have the best family time here. From elephant rides to jungle safari, Sauraha can be the best family vacation spots if your family loves nature.


Peaceful Daman is about 55 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu and has an elevation of around 2,400 meters. Easily accessible from Kathmandu, Daman remains filled with snow in the winter. Many visitors go to Daman to touch the first snow. From the view tower, you can see the majestic Himalayan ranges from far west of Dhaulagiri to far east of Sagarmatha.

So, it remains the best place for a family vacation and refreshment for your busy life. You and your family can hike up to the view tower and enjoy the views. The hill station also has numerous hotels and lodges to accommodate your family. Also stroll through the nearby scenic villages while you are there.


Beautiful Mustang can be the best family vacation spot for various reasons. Activities such as cycling  and collecting pebbles are equally famous here. You can join on various road trips to places like Muktinath Temple and  Marpha village in Jomsom. Have a walk with your family beside the fast flowing Kali Gandaki River and spend a day at the peaceful Ghar Gompa. It will be a unique and memorable experience in the mountain desert for your kids too.

Moreover, the place has an adequate number of hygienic hotels and eateries. Short hiking trails and beautiful scenery which will freshen up your family bond even more. Likewise, you can travel to the Jharkot to get an authentic feel of the Real Nepalese lifestyle and. While you are in Marpha village, don’t forget to try Thakali food and Nepalese Apple.


Lumbini is one of the sacred places for Buddhist people from all around the globe. People visit Lumbini to commemorate the birth and life of Siddhartha Gautam - "Light of Asia". Maya Devi Complex in Lumbini has been enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For centuries, the historic Maya Devi temple and various monasteries built around the palace have drawn tourists from all over the world. 

You can spend peaceful time with your family here. Visit various temples built by Buddhist nations from all around the globe. Also sign up for various forms of meditations classes. Likewise, you can hire a cycle and have a family cycle trip inside Maya Devi Complex. Take a family photo at the Ashoka pillar and Eternal fire at the complex. You can hire a boat and have a quick tour of the beautiful Lumbini Complex as well.

Bardia National Park

Just like Chitwan National Park, Bardia is another great jungle experience for your family. Bardia National Park offers a huge opportunity for people who love seeing wildlife. It is a national park with little human interference, the ecology in Bardia is totally unaltered.

Added with a tiger sanctuary, the dense forest in Bardia is famous for Bengal Tiger. You can go on an elephant back ride, jungle safari and enjoy wildlife spotting and bird watching. If your family is lucky enough, you can also see tigers from the banks of Karnali in the evening. 

Along with the tiger, the place is filled with endemic bird species like Greylag Goose, Knob-billed Duck, Garganey, Northern Shoveler, and Mallard. Teach your children about the importance of greenery and ecology. Have a close look at the Gharial and small Mugger crocodiles in the Karnali river as well.


Beautiful Tansen is a municipality in Palpa district. This hilly village is considered as the queen of hills in the west. If your kids love hills then you should spend a day or two at Tansen. The place is a historic landmark with ancient Palpa Durbar, and Rani Mahal. 

Likewise, famous pilgrim Amar Narayan, Bhagwati Temple, Satyawati Tample, Rishikesh Temple, and Bhairabsthan Temple are a few of the holy temples in Palpa. Likewise, you and your family can go on a short yet beautiful hike up to Srinagar Dada, Kaudlek.

Ilam - Kanyam tea garden

Ilam is another beautiful hill station in Nepal's eastern border. This is possibly the first sunrise view point in Nepal. The tea garden of Kanyam is one of the major attractions here. The beautiful Shree Antu Lake is equally popular.

Ilam is also well-known for bird watching and the area is equally famous for red pandas. The hill station has a very pleasing environment, a good mix of culture. It also offers various good hotels and eateries where you and your family can spend time together. Likewise, the place is tourist friendly and is completely under budget. So it is one of the best family vacations in Nepal for longer stays.


Dhulikhel hill station situated at the distance of 50 kilometers from Kathmandu. The location is fairly accessible by road, and getting to the hill station is very easy. You can hire a four wheeler and in no time you and your family can get there. 

Beautiful Pine forest on the way to Dhulikhel, water park, a huge shiva statue at Sanga will make your family trip to Dhulikhel memorable. Getting to Dhulikhel is very easy and the result is also equally rewarding here! You can also go on a Zipline adventure if your children are above 13 years of age.

Similarly, the area is culturally and religiously rich.Dhulikhel also features stunning 180 degrees Himalayan views on its northern side. There are numerous resorts and eateries in Dhulikhel. The beautiful Bhattedanda has a scenic view of the surrounding mountains along with the city view at night. Along with a family vacation spot, you can also go for a family picnic here.

You can always choose one of the above and spend fine time with your family. Traveling with your family strengthens your bond with them. It also helps you make new memories with your children. So, when are you planning one for you?

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