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Nepali Father's Day (Kushe Aunsi) | Motiram Jayanti

Father's Day in Nepal is celebrated on a different day from the rest of the world. The day is known as Kushe Aunsi and is celebrated...

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Shree Krishna Janmashtami (श्रीकृष्ण जन्माष्टमी)

People all over Nepal celebrate Krishna Janmashtami on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha which falls on Bhadra (Late August or early...

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Gai Jatra Festival in Nepal

Gai Jatra is a famous festival celebrated to commemorate the death of their family members. People also pass funny comments on the...

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National Paddy Day 'Dhan Diwas' - दही चिउरा खने दीन...

National Paddy day (Dhan Diwas) is celebrated as a National festival every year in Nepal. People celebrate this day by eating Dahi...

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Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima is celebrated by people all over Nepal. It is viewed as a different event by different groups andregion within the country.

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Kheer Khani Din 'खीर खाने दिन' - Shrawan 15

Shrawan 15 is known as Kheer Khani din all over Nepal. It is celebrated by eating Kheer(rice pudding) and considered as a festival.

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