Have You Tried These Flavoursome Foods in Pokhara

Despite being a limited food item, here are some delicious foods that you must try to satisfy your hunger in Pokhara.

Have You Tried These Flavoursome Foods in Pokhara

Pokhara can accompany you with food original to its authentic taste palette. From the local and in-famous foods in Nepal to the freshly caught fish from Phewa Lake, Pokhara’s food will definitely have you come back for more of these specific food items. So, here are the foods in Pokhara that you must taste here.

  1. Freshly caught fish
  2. Thakali Khana Set
  3.  Momos

Have you tried these delicacies in Pokhara?

Freshly caught fish

A trip to Pokhara is incomplete without trying its trout fish. It is freshly picked from Phewa Lake and Rupa Lake, and is marinated with spices, and is usually fried. You can head to “Bajeko Maccha Mahal”, “Majhi Kuna” and “Pame” and try fish dishes in varieties, be it fried or in soup as well. The freshly caught and immediately prepared fish is a delicacy for Pokhara and specifically around the lakes, so it is a must-taste food in Pokhara.

Thakali Khana Set

Thakali Khana Set is also a must eat in Pokhara. Thakalis originally reside here, so a khana set is undoubtedly on the food list. This is Nepali food at its origin. A set with a bed of rice, lentils, vegetables, homemade pickle as the main dish, and thick yogurt with dry nuts and cinnamon as dessert will make your belly happy. You have to make it a point to taste this filling food in Pokhara.


If you say that momo is Nepal’s national food, no Nepali will disagree. So, hop onto a momo mania in Pokhara as well. You can go to “Sherpa Kitchen” or “Rosemary Kitchen” for some piping hot momos, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Your cravings or first discovery will be fulfilled here, so do try to delight your taste buds with food here in Pokhara.

Try Out These Foods in Pokhara

Breakfast: Apple pancakes in “Perky Beans”

Juices: Cold-pressed juices, smoothies, acai, and matcha smoothie bowls with brunch menus in “The Juicery Café”

Crepes: Both sweet and savory options with thick coffee, slushies and ice cream at “Metro Crepes”

Lunch: Tandoori, Burgers in “Moondance”

Dinner: Friday’s Chicken, Crispy Pork sandwich, Burgers and Fries Nepali and Belgium Beers in “Frituur No.1”

Western Cuisine: Pork Chop in “The Harbor Restaurant”

Chinese Cuisine: Spicy Mapo Tofu in ‘Chinatown”

Italian Cuisine: Pizza, Pasta with Wine at “Caffe Concerto”

Vegetarian and Vegan options: Falafel, Fresh salads, Ayurvedic cuisine in “OR2K”

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