Gorkha Durbar - A Palace, A Temple, and A Fort

Gorkha durbar is the historical palace where the Shah dynasty began its regime and is the place from where the unification of Nepal begins.

Gorkha Durbar - A Palace, A Temple, and A Fort

Ram Shah constructed the Gorkha Durbar in the pagoda style in the 16th century, highlighting Newari architecture. It's a palace, a temple, and a fort all combined into one. It is at the top of the hill so that the palace guards can see anyone approaching. Due to this reason, Gorkha has successfully defeated many attacks. In 1996, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in Nepal.

Gorkha Durbar carries the history and significance of being the birthplace of Prithvi Narayan Shah. He transformed Nepal into the country that it is today, so Gorkha Durbar is a great heritage of respect for Nepalese. And, the durbar also carries the scenic beauty of the area around the fort. From history to heaven, Gorkha Durbar has it all.


Gorkha Palace is almost 145 km away from Kathmandu and almost 109 km away from Pokhara. Situated on top of the hill as a fort, one has to climb almost 1500 stone steps to reach the top of Gorkha Durbar from Gorkha bazaar. It is an hour away from the Gorkha bazaar and 1210 meters above sea level.

The Gorkha Museum, Manakamana Temple, Mahadev Temple, and Gorakhnath cave shrine are all close by. From the northern side of the palace, one can see the beautiful views of Mount Manaslu, Mount Himalchuli, Mount Annapurna, and Mount Ganesh.

Tradition in Fulpati

The biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain falls in the month of October. In this festival, on the seventh day "Fulpati" there is a tradition of sending nine types of flowers to Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu. This practice ties an emotional relationship between the capital of the country and Gorkha.

History of Gorkha Durbar

Ram Shah, the former king of Gorkha built Gorkha Durbar in 1666 BS. The palace is an important heritage for Nepal because it is the birthplace of the former king of Nepal, Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Prithvi Narayan Shah united Nepal by conquering and expanding the neighboring areas beginning from Nuwakot. People believe that Gorakhnath, the priest of Prithvi Narayan Shah's family, blessed him to win the land wherever he set foot.

Things to do in Gorkha Durbar

Gorkha Durbar is a collection of historical and scenic viewpoints. Here are some things that you can do while you are in Gorkha Durbar.

  • Enjoy the view of Mount Manaslu
  • Visit Gorkha Museum
  • View Kalika Temple
  • Walk around Bhimsen Park
  • Visit Gorakhnath Cave

View Mount Manaslu

Gorkha Durbar gives you an unforgettable view of Mount Manaslu. You could go on a trek to Manaslu as well, but if seeing the view is enough, then Gorkha Palace gives you a stunning view of manaslu along with other mountains. Not just the views of the mountain, you can also witness the waterfalls, streams, and rivers there.

Visit Gorkha Museum

This museum houses the historical past of the Shah era. It has all the historical artifacts including the cultural attires, utensils, weapons, and the history of the life of Gorkha back then. The museum has carved wooden doors and windows. A beautiful courtyard crafted in historic Newari architecture is present in the museum. Gorkha Museum would take you into the historic glory of the lives of the Shah era.

View Kalika Temple

The view of Kalika Temple from the open terrace of the palace's western gate is amazing. Peacocks, demons, and serpents are carved into the temple's wood. It is even more interesting to go to the temple and see the art. Only Nepalese citizens are permitted to enter the temple premises.

Walk around Bhimsen Park

Bhimsen Park is about 2 km away from Gorkha Durbar. This park was the place where the descendants of Bhimsen Thapa, the first prime minister, performed rituals during Dashain. Now, the locality of Gorkha took over the ritual. The statue of Bhimsen Thapa is one of the main attractions of Bhimsen Park.

Visit Gorakhnath Cave

Gorakhnath cave lies ten meters below the southern side of Gorkha Durbar. It is the cave where sage Gorkhanath Baba lives. People believe that the name of the city is after the name of the sage Gorkhanath. Many Hindu people visit Gorkha to worship Gorakhnath especially on the full moon day of Baishak (Baishak Purnima).

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