10 Best Hiking Activities That You Must Do on Your Journey

Here is the 10 best hiking activities to make your hike memorable as well as interesting.

10 Best Hiking Activities That You Must  Do on Your Journey

Hiking is not just a climb, but it is a journey to embark on- short or long. It can go as far as a journey to freshen up, and it can be good for your physical health. You also get a chance to be in touch with nature.

But hiking isn’t fun if you just head to the destination. It also needs some activities during the journey which adds spice to it. There are many hiking activities to do on the go as well. Check out this list and see if you’ve tried them on your hike.

  1. Take Photos and Videos
  2. Identify the Flora and Fauna around
  3. Pick Edible Berries
  4. Play Hiking Games
  5. Enjoy the Moment
  6. Leave No Trash Trail
  7. Play Music
  8. Read Books in a Peaceful Place
  9. Turn Nature’s Products into Art
  10. Have a Picnic with Your Friends

Take Photos and Videos

They say that the best view comes from the hardest climb and those memories last forever. The combination of both of these will make an unforgettable duo. For that, you can take pictures and videos to capture the moment so you can live it again the next time you see it.

It doesn’t only have to be the view from the top. You can capture memories of your journey as well. As simple as it sounds, your pictures and videos are great hiking activities that will make you want to go back to that tiring hike again. Memorable, a bit tough but very worth the climb.

Identify the Flora and Fauna around

If you didn’t hop onto this hike at random, you will surely check about the trail. While doing it, do not forget to find about the flora and fauna found within the trail. This is to make sure that you do not touch something that might be allergic to you. Besides, it could be an educational activity too.

After knowing about what plants and animals might be available there, what’s next? Identifying them on the way.

Flora and fauna can easily be the highlight point of your journey. It might not feel necessary but it is also part of the activities that you can do and experience on the way.

Pick Edible Berries

Now that we’ve mentioned flora and fauna, it is equally important to mention growing foods here. On your hike, you will find berries or seasonal food. Picking them fresh or foraging them is very exciting when you are trying to get your hands on them, and your squad is busy being your cheerleaders.

Have you ever tried to pick blackberries from trees and share them with your team? It is just a fun experience to try. So you must give it a shot.

Play Hiking Games

You must have played hide and seek at your home and playground. Imagine playing it in a forest during the hike. Sounds exciting, right?

Playing games is always fun. When you are on a hike, the fun gets doubled with the addition of nature. So do not forget to play some hiking games on your journey. You should keep geocaching and hide & seek on the top of the game list.

Enjoy the Moment

By this point, we’ve mentioned activities that take movement. But you shouldn’t miss out on just sitting and looking around at how far you’ve come. It is not just the destination, but also the journey that makes the experience altogether.

So, if you stay grounded and present to what you are doing and how you are going to the top, your hike is going to be fulfilling at its finest. Let us know about the best moment in one of your hiking journeys.

Leave No Trash Trail

You’ve had fun, you’ve been grounded, you’ve tried finding some treasure. But have you made sure the trail hasn’t been littered on the way? You do carry a responsibility to keep a clean place the way it was. And, you should also be responsible for not throwing away wrappers of the snacks you brought as well.

Just in case you did, you should pick it up immediately. It is not just ecologically better, but you also feel better for being environmentally responsible. It also makes the following people feel more responsible. Ecologically sound, earnest living.

Play Music

It’s the little things that make the most space in our lives. Now, how could we talk about a hike without hyping with some music? We say hype and not blast, because not every hiking trail is permitted to play music at full blast. But for the most part, music is just fine.

Go hop around with some music and sing along with your friends. The hike will feel less tiresome and more energizing. The combo of music and friends makes no trail unclimbable.

Read Books in a Peaceful Place

Now that we’ve covered all the fun, we will talk about the activities in the calm. Reading a book at the end of your hike will be cleansing your mind through the hike first, and then intake what the book has to offer. If you can document your journey, then you can also take in the world that books can offer.

Try it out and see why people like peaceful places to read books. You will get lost in the world that a book will take you to. So, do take some books with you, physical or digital.

Take Nature’s Products and Turn them into Art

By nature’s products, we mean natural supplies like rocks, twigs, tree bark, and seashells. You could use mud, crushed leaves, or even available berries to make paint.

Now that you have the products, the possibilities are wide. Turn it to art by forming a bigger picture using these supplies. Just like taking rocks and placing them in the shape of a heart. So, will you be guiding nature into art? Or let nature guide you?

Have a Picnic with Your Friends

Don’t you think a hike would be incomplete without food? Of course, you’d be munching on some snacks or energy bars on the way. But have you tried to turn a hike into a picnic? 

Just lay a piece of cloth that you easily keep in your hiking bag. You must’ve taken snacks too. Taking food as little as snacks, lying on a cloth, huddling around, and eating as you talk to each other will be a memory. So, try to turn your hike into a picnic and see why people love going on a picnic.

Now you know that hiking is a lot more than just reaching the destination. Even the shortest journey can be an enticing experience with lots of activities to do. If you didn’t have a list already, now you do. So, make the best out of it with these 10 best activities while hiking.

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