How to Upload Guest Post at Forever Nepal ?

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Hello writer, Hope you are inspiring others with yours writings. Always remember; "A good writer is the one who shares their information via multiple platforms."So Forever Nepal is here to let you share your information as a guest post with others.

How to Upload Guest Post?

Step 1: Sign up as a Author.

Once you process the sign up, our team will activate your information and activate your role. Once, your account is activatet, we will let you know.

Step 2: Think about a title that provides information about Nepal.

Why waste your precious without doing anything, right? Without wasting time, now think about a good title that suites your writing. Then do some research on it and create an outline. -  "Google is not a research all the time".

Step 3: It's time to write on it.

As soon as you complete digging on the topic, it's time you flourish your skills. Take your time and write the best you can. Your story / experiences gives live to the post / blog.

Step 4: Give some rest.

We know you are not tired writing. Neither the rest is for you. Once you complete writing, let your article take some rest (Half a day is enough).

Step 5: Edit and Format your Guest Post

After the reat is over, once read it and make some changes if required. Formating help reader understang the post/blog more clearly.

Step 6: Time to upload.

Till this time you must have surely get access to the Author at So it's time to upload the guest post. Make sure to add all the details asked on the page to make your content at the top. Now start your journey again from Step 2:

Step 7: Review and Publish Guest Post

Keep patience! Once you upload your content, your task is compleated. Our team will review the post and publish it. Congratulations!!! Your content is on the Forever Nepal.

Author Role Requirements.

Below are the requirements that you should fulfill to become a author and to continue your journey as a guest author in Forevel Nepal. Voilating / Misleading / Not Meeting the requirement may result the suspension of the Author role both temporary and permanentely.

Author must

  • publish their first Guest Post within one month from the date of account creation.
  • write providing some information regarding Nepal

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