My Memories of Langtang Trek as a Solo Female Traveler

My Memories of Langtang Trek as a Solo Female Traveler

  | "Not all those who wander are lost -J.R.R. Tolkein"

I am reminded of this quote every time I open my travel diary. Today, my pages have taken me back to Langtang. Even though I went in late September in 2018, the memory is as fresh as the morning I embarked on this journey. Few years have gone by in the blink of an eye.

I went all by myself, call me a solo female traveler. It took me more than 9 hours, in a shared jeep of other travelers like me, to reach Syabrubesi. 122 km later, I had passed Trishuli Bazaar, Dhunche, and then to my destination. On my first day, I went from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi.

The Journey Begins

Syabrubesi is where the trip to Langtang starts from, and I was all ready for it. I can still picture the mountain view on the bumpy road, but the day was so clear that it all blended together for me. Then, it was the trek to Rimche that made me forget the not-so-easy bumpy road of Syabrubesi. The beautiful Rhododendrons and oaks had swept me in its presence. Without a big crowd in the area, I felt at peace with the company of nature, and nature only.

Langtang really has it all to offer, to this Nepali solo female traveler. So, after my overnight stay in Lama Hotel in Rimche, I went on trekking to Langtang village. This was day three and I was immediately greeted with Mt. Langtang Lirung and I felt the calmness of the view right in my heart. I also passed through a deep forest where I saw yaks and wild goats, which I found really cute. And once I reached the Langtang village, I was ready to call it a day.

Then in the next two days, I went to Kyanjin Gompa and went on a hike there. Kyanjin Gompa was such a beautiful village with the view of Langtang Lirung that I had to pause to take in the beauty. And, on my hike, I could not forget how Kyanjin Ri looked. It truly abides by its name- the highest point in the Langtang valley trek. From the top, I also saw Tsergo Ri on the southwest of Kyanjin Ri.

Surrounded by Langtang Lirung, Changbu, Yubra, Yala Peak, and Tsergo Ri, I felt like a child of the mountains calling me home. And, I did stop by local tea houses whenever it was available to sip on some hot tea. A cup of hot tea on a chilly morning is all it takes to keep me going.

I am not the best at directions, so I felt assured when the locals of the place, Tamangs, went out of their way to give me directions. Their warmth and their kindness to ask me about my journey really energized me to not stop this journey. It went from having doubts on my solo journey as a Nepali to feeling assured of taking this step. I was content already, but I had a journey waiting to be completed. So, I thanked them and continued my journey. I felt that being a solo female traveler wasn’t that bad. 

I went on to see the cheese factory, Kyanjin Ri Monastery, and Kimung glacier on the way. And it was a combination of serenity, calm with the smell of food in all of these places that made me smile. I was still hung over the kindness that people here had in their hearts.

I came back to my hotel with a heart still processing the picturesque beauty it had witnessed. Then, morning hit, and I was on my way back to Rimche, back to Lama Hotel. On my way back, this time, I was also seeing the landscape and not just the mountains. I hadn’t noticed the river alleys, streams amidst the forest that brought me to Rimche in the first place. Connecting to nature by myself strengthened this urge of being a female solo traveler and thriving in the process.

But the time had come, where my trip was coming back in a full circle. I had reached Syabrubesi once again, from Rimche, and on this final day, It was a journey of 4-5 hours where I was gathering as much as possible because I knew that I’ll be missing this badly. And, as I am writing this, I realize that I was right. It feels surreal to realize that I traveled this journey solo.

It is just the feeling of returning from those cool dense forests that didn’t end that day, but all I want right now is to go back all over again. Soon, the 5 hours passed and I was in Syabrubesi, collecting my energy with some food and drinks again.

Then the day came when I had to bid this beautiful place called Langtang goodbye. Because I came back to Kathmandu in 7-8 hours, in a shared jeep again. And, I felt that traveling solo is an enriching experience, no matter what people say.

My trip had come to an end, but my journey as a female solo traveler had just begun.

Having said that, there are a few things that will help you kickstart your trip if you want to be a solo traveler in Nepal, being a female. These tips could make your trip easier because I know it would make mine.

5 Tips for A Female Solo Traveler

  •       Don’t hesitate to ask people for help
  •       Don’t forget to take your toiletries
  •       Keep your documents, permit, cash, card safe
  •       Carry a light-weight rucksack and use a lock to keep it safe
  •       Check the best time to visit

As a female solo traveler, Langtang has a deep space in my heart. Langtang valley is not just wonderful for its majestic place, but also for the kind-hearted people on the way. I went in skeptic, but I have stepped out more confident that Nepal can be a worthwhile place for solo travel for a woman.

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