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Newari Food
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Newari Food
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Newari Food
Newari Food

                   Newari Food: Food Hunting In Nepal



Talking about Newari Cuisine, the glamorous traditional flavor of foods are exists. Historical inhabitants of Kathmandu valley has to offer diverse unique and authentic food items which are habitually homemade since centuries. If you are unknown about these Newari foods, this article will obviously help you out to know about Newari food, their tradition and location. The settlement of Newari society is vast in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Panauti too.

The major ingredients needed to prepare Newari food are mustard oil, special spicy for instance turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, chilly, mustard seeds, ginger, bay leaf, cumin and many others.  

The history behind the taste and aroma of food have quite interesting story. Since the very beginning Newari communities prefer to practice culture, religion usually follows Buddhism and Hinduism. The major condition about flavorful food is traditional route what they follow from one generation to another.

Newars are famed on their contribution towards art, trade, agriculture and cuisine. Not only that several kinds of festival have special connection with food because Newari people celebrate new dishes during every new festivals.Moreover, Newar is even famed for its dialect, attire, ornaments, dance, songs and food. 

If you are inside Kathmandu valley and looking for delicious and yummy food. Follow the instruction for the perfect location which are given down:

i) Kritipur

ii) Basantapur

iii) Bhaktapur

iv) Patan

v) Asan 

Famous Newari Dishes

Here is a list of Newari foods that makes you easy to know more about the food and location. let's go food hunting one by one:

1) Chatamari

                                                 (Credited: Taste Atlas)

Chatamari is eye-appealing newari food that seems similar to pizza but totally another taste. It is prepared with rice flour and mix together water with a thick consistency. Where salt and homemade spices are added for authentic flavour. There is even possibilities that you can choose different toppings like meat pieces, eggs, cheese and vegetaes such as paneer, mushrooms, tomatoes and many more.Thus, chatamari is healthy and powerful diet among Newari foods.

   2) Yomari


                                             (Credited: #photoNepal - NTB)

Yomari is delicious Newari Cusine eaten during the Yomari Punhi festival in Nepal. It dedicate the month of Poush in Nepali calender during full moon. Yomari is also recognized by Ya-Mari. Ya depicts like and Mari illustrate delicacy. It is made up with rice flour then make it a soft dough by covering with a cloth so it doesn't cool down immediately. On the same way a special shape is given then Chaku is filled into it as filler. Some mixed it up with a coconut dust to enhance the taste.

      3. Newari Khaja Set

                  Photo Credited By: Yummy World Food

                                         (Credited By: Yummy World Food)


Newari Khaja is the signatory dish which is also known as Samayabaji at Newari culture. One of the heaviest foods which includes various items that are delicious even when savored individually. Combination of varieties of beans, boiled potatoes, saag (green Spinach), Chhoyela, egg, achaar (pickle), Aaloo Tama, Beaten rice and many more.

This special food is enjoyed by the community on the special occasion and festivals. These days the popularity of Newari Khaja have been broaden wider for lunch among Nepali society.  It is believed that  this food not only contains delicious flavour but also benefits healthy human body , good luck and fortune too.


       4. Sapu Mhicha



                                    Shot by: Roads and Kingdom


One of the most authentic and local food in Newari community is Sapu Mhicha. It is prepared with the bone marrow of buffalo that you will surprise of the taste which is juicy, soft and chewy texture.

The process of preparing this dish is quite interesting where the leaf tripe of a water buffalo is cut into small pieces and the layers separated to form bags. Likewise, the diced bone marrow is stuffed into the bags. Finally it gets ready to boiled and fried then to serve in the plate.


      5. Bara



                                                             (Credited By: Nepal Tourism Board)

In Nepal, among Newari society Bara is a traditional snack. Comparable with a pancake is made out of black lentil, turmeric as well cumin powder and ginger paste. According to traditional recipe salt is mixed up for better taste then oil to fry it. This food looks golden brown in color by adding eggs or any meat items. However Bara is a vegetarian food item unless you mixed with eggs and meat. 

         6. Cell Roti


In our diverse Nepali culture, an iconic and yummy food item is also sel roti. It is literally common food in Nepali Society which unified the nation. Often cooked during Hindu festival either at Newar house or outside Kathmandu valley this food is well-known. Sel roti is even similar with doughnut shaped as a ring that taste sweet after deep fried in oil or ghee with rice flour.

         7.Aalu Tama ( Boiled Potato and Bhamboo Shoot)




                                                    (shots by: tripadvisor)

One of the most unique foods among Newari society is Aloo tama which is Nepali vegetable soup dish.  Normally boiled potato is mixed up with fermented bamboo shoot that tastes sour and matchless food with some others. This food has huge popularity inside Kathmandu valley along with Newari restaurants. This food is consumed together with sel roti or any other rice.

         8. Haku Choila 



                                                       (shots by: Nepal Tips Nepal)

You can ask with everyone in Nepal about Haku Choila, people have story behind this amazing food. The most fabulous dish that is made with buffalo meat but also mushroom for vegetarians

An authentic Newari pride on juicy roasted meat famous as Choila can be found everywhere in Kathmandu but for actual ancient flavor you need to put your feet at Newari Kitchen.

Major ingredients are as follows:

· Boneless meat

· Ginger and Garlic paste

· Tomatoes

· Salt

· Dried red chilly

· Oil

· Green Garlic

· Fenugreek seeds


      9. Juju Dhau- King Of Yogurt



                                                      Credited By:

Bhaktapur is nearest district from Kathmandu which is almost 13 K.M where you can find the king of Yogurt curd. Juju Dhau is made out of fresh buffalo milk and served into a decorative, natural red clay pot since long era. This delicious sweet curd is consumed in every Newari celebration.

Nowadays, Juju Dhau got a great brand and become famous among Nepali society and took a commercial form. To prepare this curd, the milk is boiled, sweetened, from cardamom, coconut shavings and cloves. This precious creamy food is as used for dessert that you can find in affordable price that cost as low as Rs 50.


   10. Lakhamari