7 Must Visit Places In Mustang This Year

Here are 7 best places where you must visit to enjoy the scenery and know about Mustang Region.

7 Must Visit Places In Mustang This Year

One of the most famous destinations of Nepal, Mustang district is the place where every traveler must visit once in a lifetime. Lower Mustang, a famous trekking region all year round and the ancient Kingdom of Lo, Upper Mustang is two sub-regions here.

Even though the district is popular as a mountain desert, both these regions leave no stone unturned in terms of the visual scenario. The barren land there gives a rustic feeling, with roads feasible as well as popular routes for a road trip.

Have you ever visited Mustang? Don't worry if you have not visited yet. Here are some of the places that one must visit and explore to know about Mustang. Once you go through the list, you will understand why.

Places To Visit In Lower Mustang

  1. Marpha
  2. Tukuche
  3. Jomsom
  4. Kagbeni
  5. Jharkot
  6. Muktinath

Places To Visit In Upper Mustang

  1. Lo - Manthang


This stoned-lined village gives a memorable resting spot for people from the sea level elevation of 2680 m. You can see the village around under the clear soaring sky, on a clear day. Not just filled with many guest houses, it also carries the traditional monasteries like the Nyingma monastery. You could sit for a daily puja there or just breathe in tranquility as you absorb peace here. But what Marpha is the most famous about, is its apple farm. Marpha is known as the apple capital of Nepal, so you should get a taste of the local jams from the local fruits as well as the Marpha brandy here. You could also make a stop at Samten Choling Monastery and Ekai Kawaguchi Museum there.


Houses made out of stone, thatched Thakali-inspired housing, few guest houses along the way but the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas and the blue sky, this is what you’d be seeing in Tukuche. So, gorging on piping hot Thakali food and a few sips of Tukuche Distillery, just looking around at the stunning beauty around you would be worth it. And there are gompas and a cultural museum as well, which will give you an insight into the cultural aspect and upbringing of Tukuche. Even though the land is dry and dusty, it still has facilities of a library, safe drinking water station, health posts, petrol depots, and a dental clinic.


Jomsom is the capital city of Mustang, at 2743 m above sea level, and is a well-known trekking point to Muktinath and Lo-Manthang. It is separated in two halves by the Kali Gandaki gorge, which is the deepest gorge in the world. This gorge places Mt. Dhaulagiri on the west and Mt. Annapurna on the east side of it. And you will be able to see the soaring mountains from anywhere. Be it by air or road transportation, going on a trek, hike, cycling, going on a drive, or sightseeing is going to entice you into this capital city. Dhumba lake and Thini village are waiting for you to leave you awe-struck.


This Tibetan Village is the only gateway to the upper Mustang. From an aerial view, all you see are brown roofs that cover the village. But on your way out and about Kagbeni, you will also be greeted by the Himalayan landscape, narrow pathways with Buddhist flags on the way, and the plateau landscapes. This small village conjures its beauty derived from nature, and culture and has great religious significance. Hindus have faith in Kagbeni as a place where their ancestors and loved one would be sent to heaven through a puja ceremony called ‘Pitri Puja’. Buddhists also have great faith in the village as it follows Tibetan Buddhism here. And, you shouldn’t miss out on Kag Chode Thupten Samphel Ling Monastery, Kag Ghar Ruined Palace, Tharwa Chyoling Nunnery, and Devthen Chorten.


Jharkot is a village that still carries the essence of the powerful Gunthang dynasty and their palace. You will be seeing the ruined palace on the edge of the village. You can see houses built right next to each other more or less, and plateaus land on the backdrop, yet the backdrop makes you feel calm as the sun brings out its brown color. The earthy feeling is heightened with the environment here. You will also see a gompa and a Tibetan healing center here. Back in the day, Jharkot was the developer of Tibetan medication and healing. Even to this day, these healing practices are used for treatment in Jharkot.


Muktinath is an incredibly sought-after place to visit in Mustang. Since it has Lord Vishnu’s temple which is sacred to Hindus and Buddhists as well, thousands of devotees come to take blessings and remove their sins. There is the belief that if you take a bath passing below the 108 stone taps here, all your sins will be cleared. You could also visit the Jwala Mai Temple on the east of Muktinath temple here and view the lower and upper Mustang from the temple.

Lo Manthang

Lo Manthang is the capital of the Upper Mustang. This is a culturally enriched area that used to be the former Royal Palace and was a separate kingdom of Nepal. But now it is considered the lost forbidden kingdom of Nepal, the only semi-desert here in the country. Since this place carries a great deal of religious significance, you can find many Buddhist monasteries here that have remained well preserved. You can find Thubchen Gompa and about twelve caves that display ancient Buddhist belongings.

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