Why Langtang Valley Trek?

Why Langtang Valley Trek?

Why to Choose Langtang route?

Are you seeking for easy escape from the city then here you have an opportunity to experience through stunning landscape and authentic culture along with Tibetan village and refuges who have warm heart welcoming hospitality in delightful tea houses. Across the Langtang national park about 52 km away from Kathmandu at Rasuwa District which lies at Bagmati zone.

Langtang valley trek is one of the most prominent trekking destinations in Nepal. That comprises many glorious landscape, meadows and old monasteries. Langtang valley trek gives us lots of surprises of nature where we walk pass the forests and then get amazing view of mountains and glaciers.

Actually Langtang valley trek is a short and easy trek that rewards us with amazing scenery valleys and glaciers. The initiation at the small town of Syabru Besi you will trek through magnificent forest to the high alpine meadows and Yak pastures around Kyangjin Gompa (a Buddhist Monastery). After an optional day hike up to the top of Kyanjin RI peak, where the 360 –degree views of the Himalayan are truly spectacular, you retrace your route back down the valley and drive back to Kathmandu.

Trip Highlight:

  • Spectacular view of sunrise from Tsweko Ri.
  • Pleasant Tibetan villages.
  • Pass through stunning forest, high alpine meadows and yak pastures.
  • Enjoy panoramic views across vast open valleys at the end of the trek.
  • Incredible mountain views of the Langtang Himalayas, valley and across to Tibet from Kyanjin Ri.
  • Rhodondron forest



Top reason why your eyes need to see Langtang once

  • Epic landscape and scenic mountains


You may saw different topography and mountains all around the globe however Langtang may have something unique for you. Your eyes will hypnotize and tranquilize the mind from the curious scenario of Langtang range.


  • Cultural Richness

In these modern era cultural values have been already faded away so, if you are in search of hidden culture, pleasant Tibetan profoundness it is actually the right destination for you.  

One of the Nepal’s major ethnic group, Tamang people who have mostly occupied the Langtang valley that usually practice Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Ideal for family trip.

Langtang valley trek, known to only a few trekkers, is less crowded and serves as the best trekking option and holiday trek for families. The beautiful Langtang valley and friendly local Tamang will make your trekking journey as beautiful as the Langtang’s natural glory. Thus, it’s an ideal destination for the families who love to indulge in local culture.

  • Opportunity to experience with Tibetan culture


During 1949 peaceful Buddhist country Tibet was invaded by China where Tibetan citizens had been escape from Tibet toward nearest border such as Langtang or other part of Asian nation. Their coming generation also follow their ancestor route, food, and culture. You have chance to look Rimpoche and Monks chanting around the mountain valley.


  • Budget Friendly Trekking Route

Langang valley trek is a complete package for trekkers who want to explore the beautiful views of mountain ranges, lakes, glaciers, culture and spiritual perspective even with a limited budget. Therefore, if you are thinking of a trekking journey in Nepal, then it is recommended that Langtang Valley Trek is reasonably priced with affordable accommodation and food too.



  • Great clear sky from 4000m altitude and encounter with gazing stars

Your spirit can also touch to the sky during the night time from Langtang. Fascinating visual of clear blue sky during autumn and Spring with full of stars close to your eyes. Probably it’s one of the most precise spot for Astro- Photography and shootings.


  • Langtang Trek, a genuine challenge

Langtang valley trek is a genuine challenge for trekkers, although your ability and experience. This trek is worth every ounce of effort when you reach your destination. Walking up to the journey might be challenging, but it offers a pleasant trekking experience exposed with few challenges during the trek.


  • Yak products is quite unique

During Langtang trek nature and culture is not only the priority but food also crucial too where the best way to preserve the surplus yak and it’s milk production in the high mountains of Nepal was to convert it into cheese so it could be transported into market. So, you must try once this precious and yummy diet of mountain.


  • Spectacular view of sunrise and sunset from Tsweko ri and Kyanjin Ri.

Specially, Kyanjin Ri is an altitude of 4773 M, a best Langtang Mountain view point with spectacular sunrise and sundowner location which is 2 hours hike from kyanjin village. From above the view is boasting wild landscapes, medieval villages, and gorgeous valleys, Langtang looks like a fairy tale neighborhood that’s a nice to visit all year round. It has an impressive mix of pristine nature, rich culture, old towns and prominent landmarks.


  • Permits required during Langtang Trek

You don’t require a restricted area permit for Langtang valley trek however a Langtang National Park permit is required that you can purchase from Dhunce and the cost of permits is the small all-round the season.

For any of the trekking routes in the Langtang region, you trek via Langtang National Park. And to trek in this region , you need to get a special permit- the Langtang National Park Permit. It costs $30 excluding 13% VAT (Value Added Tax).


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